Weight Training and Other Aerobic Equipment in the Fitness Equipment Market

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DescriptionFitness equipment is any machine or apparatus used during exercise to improve the physical fitness or conditioning results of that particular exercise by supplying either fixed or variable levels of resistance, to facilitate improvement in the efficiency or effectiveness of an exercise regimen. In the past, such equipment was classified according to the level or degree of perceived exertion required to obtain the desired result from the exercise, with higher output (i.e. 'intensive') levels of exertion corresponding to greater degrees of difficulty of use and greater financial investment. These days, however, most fitness equipment is classified on a more even-tempered scale according to the effect it provides on the user and/or the desired result or experience.

One of the first technological efforts to provide a better way of exercising was the adoption of the treadmill. In the home market, elliptical machines became popular because of their simplicity and relative ease of use. The impact of elliptical machines on the home market is still being measured in terms of sales and popularity. The elliptical machines became popular not only because of their ease of use and affordability, but also because they represented something new and different compared to traditional fitness equipment.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the use of fitness equipment had been changing. Treadmills and free weights both underwent substantial modification to better suit the needs of the buyer and the exercise requirements of the user. Both of these sporting goods moved from providing simple, easy and efficient exercise options, to provide more intense exercise options, and to increase their ability to provide a full body workout. The treadmill and free weights represented a great technological leap forward in the history of fitness equipment and were two of the first items ever sold in the home fitness equipment market.

The earliest treadmills were electric or mechanical; they usually had a handle bar that pushed a belt around the deck to simulate walking, jogging, running and other exercises. As fitness equipment improved, so did the types of machines. Early treadmills had motors that increased with the speed of the belt. Modern treadmills still push a belt, but they usually have an electronic motor that varies speeds based on your heart rate.

Elliptical machines represented the next major leap forward in home gyms. The design of elliptical exercise bikes and other fitness equipment such as treadmills allowed users to perform exercises that involved their entire body and even provided some degree of resistance. Elliptical exercise bikes are similar to treadmills, except they feature pedals that can be adjusted to provide a degree of resistance. The resistance level can be controlled by pushing buttons that are typically located near the handle bar, and there are many styles of elliptical exercise bikes that include built in heart monitors that determine the amount of calories burned during a workout.

Bike fitness has also changed in the United States. As more people began living in apartments and choosing residential gyms, bike fitness programs became popular. In the early years of this type of fitness equipment, home gym programs featured big, heavy bikes that required the user to use all of their strength and body weight. These large cycles limited the variety of exercises available and were very ineffective for beginners. However, as interest in home fitness grew, manufacturers started developing smaller, lighter bikes that allowed more flexibility.

Other home gyms have added features like the famous Bowflex over the past several years. Bowflex was developed by a former runner and fitness model who had been attempting to design a machine that would help anyone lose weight. Bowflex was highly successful, and it now represents the biggest seller in the world of elliptical machines, although treadmills have also become popular in home gyms.

The treadmill and other cardio equipment remain two of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in the United States. Exercise balls and resistance bands have also become popular options, due to their low-impact nature and ability to be used in virtually any exercise routine and for any amount of time. While exercise ball machines remain a popular choice, resistance bands have become increasingly popular as more people incorporate them into their daily exercise routines. As the fitness equipment market becomes more varied, there is little doubt that these items will continue to improve in popularity.

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