An Overview of Different Heart Rate Monitors

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DescriptionHeart rate monitors are devices that are used to measure and display the heart rate of an individual. They provide useful information about an individual's physical condition and ability to perform physical activities. This is because they are very accurate in recording the heart rate of individuals. The ability of heart rate monitors to provide information makes them very valuable devices for coaching, training and exercising. There are various models and sizes of heart rate monitors and you should choose the one that suits your needs.

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A heart rate monitor is usually a hand-held monitor, which enables one to display the heart rate data in real time during exercising or doing different kinds of physical activity. Most people can use them to know the level of their heart rate during exercising. They are mostly used to collect resting heart rate data during exercise and to gain knowledge about the optimal pace to maintain during workout sessions. They are also used to monitor their progress during the workout session.

Example of heart rate monitors include Stott Pilates, Freelite, Mio, Suunto, and monitors from other companies such as Polar and Suunto. The features vary according to brand and some models have more features than the others. Most heart rate monitors come with an electronic display screen. The screen helps you to get information on the current intensity of your exercise, number of calories you have burnt, number of minutes you have been exercising etc. You can also get information on the number of heartbeats per minute recorded by the watch.

Example of different types of heart rate monitors include Cardioid, Acoustic, Horizontal- Panel, Dual Zone, Peak, Time, Flexees, Hybrid and Smartwool. A high quality heart rate monitor should be able to record maximum heart rate without dropping down while you are exercising or when you are resting. It should also have the ability to measure maximum and minimum heart rates. Example of such monitors include Elitegs, FitFlop, iMasterpiece Ft. Master, iFit Snapshot, and iFit SDM. A good fitness heart rate monitor should have the ability to measure the maximum and minimum heart rates during exercise as well as offer various options such as Display, Time, Cardioid, Interval, Brightness etc.

Target Heart Rate Zone (THRZ) is a feature that monitors heart rate zone automatically during exercise to help you keep track of your heart rate during a workout session. Some of the most popular target heart rate zones are Maximum/ Minimum and Middle Target Zone. Exercise duration should be long enough to let you complete all the exercise requirements during one session. Exercise intensity and frequency should be carefully chosen to burn maximum fat and calories.

Example of heart rate monitors that are available include Forerunner TM, Orbit Star Trac, Suunto Watches, Magellan BC, E Typra, Polar heart watch, Omron Watches, Sharp Heart Rate Watch and Sconic Smart Cycle. Each of these devices comes with different features to help you achieve your fitness goal. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the right one. Apart from monitors, you should also check if you need any other additional accessories like straps, handles, wrist strap, targets and so on to suit your exercise requirements.
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