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DescriptionFor starters, do not spend them for time accelerations for: - The farms - The reproductions - Outbreaks Let time do things naturally No matches on tinder because there will be plenty of other possibilities to use them. Other stuff : Do not spend them unnecessarily in "rusty portals" or in the "totem of friendship". Take a look in Move the crib to level 2. This will cost you 150 gems, you will Dragon Mania Legends Hack have no regrets to do so, because with only one nest you will be blocked very often. So start with that. Purchase Boss habitat. The dragons "Boss" make up 10% of gold reproduction of ALL your dragons. This is cumulative with the purchase of several dragon "Boss". A "Boss" habitat costs 50 gems. Boss M.Glace. This Boss is the cheapest of all, it is at 250 gems. Do not hesitate to take it if you have enough gems in reserve. Move the crib to level 3. This will cost you 450 gems, but you will not be stuck anymore, when you have a legendary dragon in the crèche that lasts 2j10h in non VIP. Increase your old portal to the maximum level. You will pay 1,800 Gems in total, if you play without investing with real money, it will be very long, but it is doable. You can climb it up to level 7, which will give you 9 gate gems and 11 gems if you play VIP. Then you have the choice between "Boss" or play VIP. You choose. Keep the rest of your gems warm. For VIP tickets, do not buy when you start the game. If you want to buy them, it's best to wait, because in adventure mode, you can earn 50% more than your rewards. Expect at least to have your dragons "level" 30 or 35, to have advanced in the adventure mode, so that your rewards are higher and so take full advantage of your VIP tickets. Or wait to defeat the final "Boss" to always do the same fight, which will bring you a maximum of gold. Next to you to see. Do what you think is best.
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