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DescriptionThe leading source of from watching any segment of "Borat" (or film in general) is watching how "normal" people, caught in unusual situations for these people, try to get out of such difficult circumstances. The primary Borat was largely apolitical, enthusiastic about exposing American hypocrisy. Well, there are a variety, facts are weirder than fiction, even though the very idea of truth in such cases simply would not exist. The sequel, not surprisingly, looks much more a propaganda campaign in support of Biden, but we should pay tribute: it took Cohen 14 years to create Borat back on the screens. Realizing that this character was a victim of his own success and can even don't fool people, while in the sequel the Kazakh reporter is exhumed with all possible cynicism: he was created in the proper direction and is not a blind copy of the very first; nevertheless, the sequel added interesting, relevant tips for present day world.

Borat 2 isn't quite as fresh, but that is to generally be expected. You can watch it on totally free. The idea itself has lost its originality. To make up, Cohen directed at larger targets for his trademark satire: President Trump, his entourage, and politics. In such cases, editing plays a vital role inside the sequel to Borat. The most effective scenes continue to be those during which Borat interacts with American people: a cosmetic surgeon, supporters of the Republican Party, some Redneck cattle. Yes, the Kazakh reporter sings songs about how to arrange the Wuhan flu well for Obama, dances very frivolously together with his on-screen daughter, plus disguises for a cartoonish Jew and attends synagogue.

The storyplot, insofar mainly because it matters for these kinds of provocative film, is actually not too important. After working more than several years inside Gulag, Borat Sagdiev was launched on condition that they again travels to your United States and provides a bribe to Mike Pence by means of a monkey. The chimpanzee, alas, dies on the way from Kazakhstan to the United States. The plans on the leaders change, and Borat himself decides to provide Pence as something to his fifteen-year-old daughter. The daughter absorbs the ideas of feminism and freedom and commits sacrilege - she not considers herself the house of her father!

Because of provocative content, the sequel to "Borat" aroused great interest in the media, however, to be honest, there may be less scandalous material here when compared to the first part. It seems that a lot of the real participants in Borat's antics were confused now and attempted to unwind their counterparts. That is definitely, a fake Kazakh journalist aroused contempt within them, although the "sent Cossacks" may be immediately noticed: again, by their step to the eccentricities of your protagonist or his daughter.

However, if Borat II is viewed as an attribute film, then, like the very first, it uses the procedure of any stranger outside of your own environment to emphasise the cultural norms of Americans. These times, the themes are definitely more taboo: racism and everyday misogyny. Cohen is headed to cope with them not inside a subtle way, but through the help of a sledgehammer of satire. Borat reveals his shortcomings and, although Sagdiev treats his daughter like this, this artistic technique allows his interlocutors to disclose themselves, albeit at times, and “virtual&rdquo ;."Borat 2" is funny sometimes, but more often than not it's uncomfortable, precisely with the awareness of what reality we live in. To be a political satire, the sequel to "Borat" appears a project rather random, but after the script travels in the Trump administration, he does it with pleasure.

"Nraitsa", as Borat himself would say - this project is gloomy, but funny, rough in an effective way and, surprisingly, can be something more. A bold and uncomfortable, sardonic comedy all over again reveals the poisonous mix of arrogance and ignorance of America (and, probably, of a typical society in general), therefore it's very appropriate the fact that most "famous" report of Kazakhstan again got in contact exactly in 2020: at the moment disagreements, confident marching tolerance (on the verge of fascism) and, needless to say, a tragic pandemic. Take a look at good news of actuality: it is no surprise that within this absurdity in another world, i.e. the world of art, there were is the space this kind of person as Borat. Some way, the deeds in this eccentric man, certainly, is a type of ideological test of Rorschach: poor the "life of a white man" it causes shock, disgust, laughter, however, it may be valued at noting that today won't end soon. Eh, you're not Borat if you ask me!

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