Crepey skin: Treatment, causes, and how to fix it!

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DescriptionCrepey skin got you down? You're in good company. Free, puckered skin has various causes, however on the off chance that one thing's without a doubt, time isn't our ally! Valid, it's a typical symptom of maturing, however that doesn't need to mean it's outside our ability to control. There are a lot of alternatives for handling crepey skin, both all through the dermatologist's office.
What Is Crepey Skin?
Crepey skin is essentially what it seems like. Delicate, slim, crepe paper-like skin that frequently shows up around the eyes, d├ęcolletage, inward upper arms, and legs. It typically shows up in our 40s, in spite of the fact that it can likewise strike as ahead of schedule as our 20s, contingent upon hereditary cosmetics, skin type, and different outer elements.
In contrast to wrinkles and overlays, crepey skin generally covers a bigger zone and isn't brought about by the sort of rehashed developments that make lines (like grin lines or glare lines, for instance).
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What Causes Crepey Skin?
As a rule, crepey skin happens because of collagen exhaustion as we get more established. Loss of collagen is ordinary as we age, yet how quick it goes down can shift contingent upon our ways of life and practices.
For instance, sun harm from over the top sun openness (particularly in the event that you have reasonable or touchy skin), smoking, and drinking liquor would all be able to quicken the decrease of collagen and elastin (the protein in our skin that typically keeps it smooth and tight).
It additionally doesn't help us that skin delivers less oil as we age, which is the reason it's extra critical to saturate. Dry skin is creased skin!
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