HyperWar: The Supreme Command (ETO) [Chapter 2]

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image Army. Since this fact could give additional weight to U.S. 47-- Efforts to organize the Allied tactical air command for OVERLORD had begun in the spring of 1943 when Air Chief Marshal Portal proposed that Air Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, head of the RAF Fighter Command, be considered for the post of Commander, Allied Expeditionary Air Force.29 Portal suggested that, in case the Allies were unwilling to make a final decision at the time, they direct Leigh-Mallory to give advice on tactical air planning without prejudice to the eventual appointment of someone else. The British had a claim on this post, not only because the initial assaults were to be made from Britain, but because they had both an army group and an army headquarters organized and available to start assault planning by the time the COSSAC plan was drawn up.34 General Morgan and General Devers urged in the summer of 1943 that the United States establish similar headquarters in the United Kingdom, but not until October were the 1st U.S. The differences had their origins in the national interests of the United States and Great Britain, in their past history, and in the political philosophy of their leaders. The obstacles, to agreement, on these and other points lay in differences of policy which had existed between the British and U.S.

image Stark went to London as Commander, U.S. Administratively the elements under Kirk were controlled by Admiral Stark's headquarters in London. The Combined Chiefs of Staff at the Quebec Conference in August 1943 regularized the naval arrangement by naming Admiral Little as Allied Naval Commander-in-Chief (Designate) for the OVERLORD operation. During the Korean War in August 1950, General Bryan was assigned to the 18th Fighter Bomber Wing, and flew 121 combat missions, again in the P-51 Mustang. The British Chiefs of Staff, while willing to let the Supreme Commander control those strategic air forces in support of his operations once the cross-Channel attack began, wanted to retain full control of their RAF Bomber Command. Bde., deployed to YTC and explored the capabilities of virtual medicine while receiving a steady intake of simulated battlefield-wounded patients. Laura Elliott, 62nd Medical Brigade commander, provides an operations update brief to Maj. Leadership from I Corps, 18 MEDCOM (DS), the 593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, observed the brigade staff processes and received operations briefs.

The British objected to the over-all command, but reluctantly agreed to support any administrative arrangement the United States wished to make for its strategic air forces in the Mediterranean and the European theaters. Near JDGOSHOP of November the COSSAC chief discussed the matter with the Allied naval and air commanders and shortly thereafter, acting in the name of the Supreme Allied Command, issued a directive to the 21 Army Group commander. The COSSAC chief urged that this section of the draft directive be limited to a listing of land forces to be placed at the disposal of General Eisenhower, leaving him free to issue such directives to his army group commanders as he saw fit. When on 5 January 1944 the British Chiefs of Staff submitted a draft directive enumerating the duties of the subordinate commanders in chief, General Morgan, who had earlier warned General Marshall of the plan,37 objected in particular to a listing of the powers of the ground force commander, which he believed would later cause embarrassment to the Supreme Commander. 33 As no agreement was reached in the summer or fall of 1943 on the selection of a ground force commander comparable in authority to the Allied naval and air force commanders, it became clear that the assignment would be likely to devolve on an Allied army group or army commander as a temporary appointment during the assault phase.


Alan G. Kirk, former Chief of Naval Intelligence in Washington and later Commander, Amphibious Force, Atlantic Fleet, in the fall of 1943 was made commander of U.S. The original members of the Joint Staff Mission in Washington were Lt. Fleet, were both members of the U.S. In their proposals, they suggested grants of authority to the Allied commander in chief over British and U.S. The U.S. Chiefs of Staff suggested that the appendixes in the British plan dealing with Allied commanders be considered only as informational guidance for the Supreme Commander. British. For example, Eisenhower, in the Operations Division of the War Department in May 1942, had suggested something like the system discussed above. Although commandants at ACTS had lobbied throughout its existence for the Tactical School to serve as the nucleus of such a center, it instead became the function of a new school, the Army Air Force School of Applied Tactics, activated 27 October 1942, in Orlando, Florida, both for the training of unit cadres and the continuing development of tactical doctrine.

A draft had been submitted to the Combined Chiefs of Staff as early as 30 October 1943, but the failure of the U.S. Lt. Gen. Carl Spaatz, commander of the U.S. He had earlier expressed a preference for Gen. Sir Harold R.L.G. Gen. Miles C. Dempsey, who had commanded a corps in Italy in Montgomery's army. Army activated. General Paget was selected as the first commander of 21 Army Group. The demonstration group was not authorized until August 1939 and was utilized for less than a year before classes were suspended. 11. August 2002 - June 2003, Student, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University, Ft. 17. December 2012 - May 2014, Director, Accession Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense Personnel and Readiness, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 18. June 2014 - present, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Force Management Integration, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. The U.S. Chiefs of Staff proposed at that time to set up an Allied Strategic Air Force that would include British and U.S.

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