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DescriptionMany people will sit in a Comfortable chair for many hours at a time to see a book, watch television or just to unwind. However, if you are sitting in a massage chair for this period of time it is quite important that you not have the massage on that amount of time. Just about all the back and massage chair experts say that you should not use the massage programs in a massage chair for at least 15 minutes at a time and once you apply the massage they say it is ideal to get up, move around, go for a brief walk to fully enjoy the benefits of the massage chair. Massage Chairs have crossed over the border from being just simple vibrating seats to become fully fledged therapeutic medical devices. <span style="font-family:calibri,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:11.0pt;">salon furniture </span></span>Properly used they provide a very deep back massage which, if over used, can bruise, inflame and damage muscle and other body tissue. To put it simply, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing in this case. massage chairs Most Massage chairs have build in timers for the massage applications to avoid this sort of overuse. Make sure that the chair you buy has a timer or which you use some external timer to stop running the massage for a long time. Simply watching the clock might not be the best idea. Massage chairs are designed to be comfortable in addition to providing health benefits so that it would not be unusual to fall asleep in one using the massage turned on. A simple alarm clock nearby could be all that you will need to remind you to turn off the massage but a built in timer to automatically turn off the massage is the best choice. This does not mean that you cannot sit in a massage chair for long periods of time with the massage turned away. 20 or 30 years back massage seats were cushy novelty items that frequently were not correctly designed to give healthy back support. The modern massage seat, however, in nearly all cases is anatomically correct for good back health. Most traditional seats in the world today do not offer support for all 3 inches at the trunk; lumbar for lower spine, thoracic for cervical and back for upper back. Massage chairs, however, generally provide support for all areas of the body. Not only is a massage chair perfect for massage but they are usually also the ideal posture chairs in families so feel free to use them for watching tv, reading and nearly all general purpose seating. If you have back pain or back problems are sure to talk with your physician or chiropractor before buying and using a massage chairs. <span style="font-family:calibri,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:11.0pt;">salon furniture</span></span> There are numerous distinct kinds of massage available in massage chairs; Shiatsu, Swedish massage and variations or a combination of both and most chairs enable you to vary the strength of the massage also. Your physician may recommend a specific brand or type of massage seat. So by all means, enjoy your massage chair to the fullest and sit in it if you want and for as long as you need but do not use the massage programs for over 15 minutes at a time.
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