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The majority of wells in the coastal plain depend on the water stage in the principle reservoir. The coastal water provide comes from water percolating via the coastal sand and water runoff from the south. The river carves a slim, cultivated floodplain, by no means more than 20 kilometers extensive, because it travels northward towards Cairo from Lake Nasser on the Sudanese border, behind the Aswan High Dam. Just north of Cairo, the Nile spreads out over what was as soon as a broad estuary that has been crammed by riverine deposits to type a fertile delta about 250 kilometers broad on the seaward base and about a hundred and sixty kilometers from south to north. This allegedly transforms the desert farms to vacationer resorts, hits all government plans to develop and improve the conditions of the poor, and causes serious adverse impact on agriculture and the general national economic system over time.
The government aims to increase this number to four.eight million hectares by 2030 via extra land reclamation. Even although solely 3 % of the land is arable, it is extremely productive and could be cropped two and even 3 times yearly. diving hurghada january However, the reclaimed lands only add 7 percent to the whole value of agricultural manufacturing. Surface irrigation is forbidden by law in reclaimed lands and is simply used in the Nile Valley and the Delta, the usage of pressurized irrigation and localized irrigation is obligatory in other parts of the nation.
Thanks to the installation of drainage techniques a discount in salinized areas from about 1.2 million hectares in 1972 to hectares in 2010 was achieved. Starting in 2014, the Egyptian government has been diverting gas supplies produced at house to its domestic market, lowering the volumes out there for export in liquefied kind. According to the memorandum of understanding, the Leviathan subject off Israel's Mediterranean coast would supply 7 billion cubic meters yearly for 15 years via an underwater pipeline. This equates to common volumes of 685 million cubic toes a day, the equivalent of simply over 70% of the BG-operated Idku plant's every day volumes.

One company, for instance, purchased over 70 hectares of enormous desert farm for a value as low as EGP zero.05 per square meter and now sells for EGP 300 per sq. meter. In numbers, 70 hectares purchased for about US$6,000 in 2000 sells for over US$3.7 million in 2007.
<h2>Great White Shark</h2>
  • Moreover, Elasmobranchii class embody over 1000 species including the southern stingray, whale shark, basking shark and the shortfin mako shark.
  • Elasmobranchii reproduce sexually with internal fertilization, either bear reside young or lay eggs.

The Florida Museum of Natural Historycreated an inventory of the shark species that have attacked people the most, dating again to 1580. Olympic Group is the most important Egyptian company within the field of domestic home equipment. The firm mainly manufactures washing machines, air conditioners, fridges, electrical water heaters and gas cookers. In 2010 Egypt's fertile area totaled about three.6 million hectares (8.9 million acres), about one-quarter of which has been reclaimed from the desert after the construction of the Aswan High Dam.
The 22-12 months-old man died from his accidents within the first deadly shark assault for 60 years next to the Caribbean island - the precise species of shark accountable has not been identified. The whole variety of shark assaults since 1580 is 828, the Florida Museum reported. Researchers imagine the numbers of bull shark attacks is larger than recorded as a result of people misidentifying them in the heat of the moment.
Most land is cropped a minimum of twice a year, however agricultural productiveness is limited by salinity which in 2011 affected 25% of irrigated agriculture to various levels. This is especially brought on by insufficient drainage in addition to seawater intrusion in aquifers as a result of over-extraction of groundwater, the latter primarily affects the Nile Delta.

<h3>Snorkelling In Hurghada</h3>
The rain falling on the coast of the southern regions are the principle source of recharge of the main reservoir. There is a free-floating layer of the reservoir water on top of sea water up to a distance of 20 km south of the Mediterranean Sea.
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