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DescriptionTHE NEW Himalayan salt lamp ON THE MARKET HAS HEART For those interested in and buying Himalayan salt lamps, there is a lot of variety on the market. Some are crude looking chunks with a light in them that were manufactured solely for low pricing, some have symbolic shapes like pyramids or cubes. Those with geometric shapes are made on a machine and are still relatively low priced. The next type are those which are sculptured and catering to customers looking for hand carved decorative designs. All types put out negative ions in a quantity proportional to their surface area and weight. Negative ions function to help clear air of pollutants and allergens, while promoting a general feeling of wellbeing. Besides causing dust, dander, smoke, and pollutants in the air to stick together and fall out of the air, they also counteract the positive ion electrosmog generated by common household electrical devises. Useful Innovation announces the sale of the double heart shaped Himalayan salt lamp. It comes with a six-foot cord and dimmer switch. This makes it possible for it to double as a light source or night light in any room of the home or business. The Himalayan rock salt has been hand carved into a double heart shape, bored out from underneath so that it will accept lamp holder and 15 watt bulb on the end of the UL approved electrical cord, and attached to a decorative Neem wood base. The buyer is also supplied with an instruction manual so that they may get the most out of their salt lamp in terms of long life and operation. Additionally, Useful Innovation is dedicated to supplying excellent customer support and making sure every customer has a positive buying experience. The double heart shape of the Himalayan salt lamp allows customers purchasing the lamp as a gift to supply acquaintances or loved ones with a sentimental or romantic gift, which performs a useful function.
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