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The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Marketing in 2020

Human activity to satisfy needs and wants through the exchange process

The source and essential element of the marketing system is human needs and wants. The product is the product of human need, anything that provides a service or meets a need can be considered a product that includes people, places, organizations, services and ideas. In other words, a product is something that can satisfy a desire. Need expresses the state of deprivation felt in the individual. Products are valuable as long as they meet the individual's needs. Demand in marketing is a form of meeting needs, and demand is the ability to meet demand.

The source and essential element of the marketing system is human needs and wants

Marketing begins when a person decides to satisfy their needs and wants in a special way that we call "exchange". Exchange is one of the four different choices that one uses to satisfy one's needs.

  • The first choice is self-production. Hungry man, his hunger through hunting and... Fixes. There is no market here and no marketing.
  • The second choice is to use the help of others. The hungry person asks for food from another person as a good deed and offers nothing but gratitude.
  • The third choice of the individual is the use of force. A hungry person can grab or steal food from someone else. There is no appreciation here.
  • The fourth choice is the exchange person. A hungry person can turn to another person who has food and suggest a source for exchanging food. This source can be money, products or services that are valuable to the food owner.

The following 3 conditions must be met in the exchange:

  1. There are two sides
  2. Each side has something valuable for the other side
  3. Either party is allowed to accept or reject the other party's offer. If these conditions are met, exchange will be possible.
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Market definition

The definition of a market is "a place for potential exchanges". If there is even one person for our product or service, we can say that there is a market. The size of the market depends on the number of people who:

  1. They are interested in the product in the general sense or object.
  2. They are willing to exchange the necessary resources to obtain the product.

The definition of market brings us to the concept of marketing.

Marketing means trying to turn exchanges into action to satisfy human needs and wants.

9 different aspects of marketing

  1. Market orientation

Market orientation and customer needs is the first feature of the new marketing. A successful manager is someone who keeps the organization up to date, and this is possible when employees and managers accept and follow market orientation as a culture and vision.

  1. 2. Market Survey

"Knowledge" is a requirement of every wise move and every principled decision. Market knowledge is a systematic effort to collect, record and record information about all the components of the market system and all the factors that affect the market system.

  1. Marketing means searching for the most suitable market and segments where the organization can be more useful and effective and meet the needs and desires of the people. well into 3rd Quarter of a very strange year. Get targeted & high quality website traffic driven to your site the easy way!  We can target by category and geography to get the right prospects sent your way.  This is a great way to boost your visibility and revenues! Marketing means segmenting or dividing markets and determining the company's products for the most appropriate markets.
  2. Marketing means penetrating the market and introducing the organization and its products and services using controllable marketing factors (4P: product, price, distribution and advertising). By using these factors correctly and in principle, marketers can gain a position in the market in different situations and gain more market share with appropriate policies and programs.
  3. Marketing is a task that forces the marketer to become more familiar with market developments and changes. This awareness is possible through presence in the scene of competition and exchange and observation of markets. Participating in exhibitions, visiting different markets and being in the market environment, opens the view of managers. In other words, the most important role of marketing is to strengthen and sometimes change the "vision".
  4. Market measurement means analyzing the market position according to what we were and were, what we are and have and what we should have. All products, services, and organizations have a specific life curve that includes the stages of introduction or, growth, maturity and saturation, and decline, and each stage has special conditions that the marketer must respond appropriately based on these characteristics. Market measurement or evaluation and measurement of the activities of the organization, the strengths and weaknesses are well identified.
  5. Marketing means retaining current customers and encouraging them to buy more and continuing to buy by creating "satisfaction" in them. Knowing the behavior of customers, communicating with them, having psychological and sociological information, as well as knowing the movements and possibilities of competitors have a valuable role in customer retention.
  6. To market, we need not lose the hot market. Warm marketing means timely advertising and incentives to inform, persuade and persuade customers to connect more with the organization and buy from it and counter competing movements. the Best Organic Traffic Services to Buy Online? Look no further. We are safe, affordable and effective!  We will drive traffic to your site via keywords which ensures the highest level of targeting.  You can also select your desired geography. One of the most important tools of the hot market is the use of creativity, innovation and initiative.
  7. Marketing is market management that includes planning, implementation and control of various market affairs and various dimensions of marketing. Marketing includes setting strategies and plans, organizing and executing all matters related to introducing and introducing the company's products to the markets, monitoring activities to achieve the goals of the organization and creating satisfaction for customers and the community.

Considering the various dimensions of marketing, it can be said that the appropriate term for Marketing is "marketing", which is the same as "market management" and includes all matters related to the planning, implementation and control of various activities.

Expanding the Internet and changing marketing methods

With the spread of the Internet, marketing methods gradually changed. Seth Godin, one of the most creative and famous marketers in the world, predicted these changes in his famous book Permission Marketing in 1999 and referred to a new form of marketing called introverted or attraction marketing. This type of marketing was widely promoted several years later by the developers of HubSpot's authoritative marketing automation tools Brian.

In this way, unlike traditional (extroverted) marketing methods, which are based on disrupting people's lives through advertising on television, radio, billboards, and… by discovering content that gives people useful information, you will discover. In fact, by giving useful information to people, you will become a reliable reference that they will be interested in buying your products and services. The main tools of this method are:

  • Sites and blogs
  • Internet search engines (such as Google)
  • Social networks (Instagram, Telegram and LinkedIn…)
  • And …

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a subset of introverted or attractive marketing. In this way, business owners try to generate useful and strategic content on their site, bring people to their site through search engines (such as Google) and market and promote their products and services. In the meantime, familiarity with SEO or site optimization for search engines is very important in getting high rankings in search results. By doing this, people will see your site at the top of search results by searching for keywords and will quickly click on it and enter it.

For more familiarity with the content marketing method and content SEO, you can download and read the exclusive book of the website, which is provided to you completely free of charge, through the following link:

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