are, and can recreate their relationships with others as they ideally should be--open, equal, and trusting. . . . Sweating

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Descriptiontogether in the sauna, stripped of all symbols of status, wealth or prestige, all are identical; distance and esteem become
openness and sincerity." 84
65. are inclined to be particularly accepting of other people, just as they are. This is an approach that is
undoubtedly associated with the reality that Naturists are usually more accepting of their very own bodies, just as they are, than
the general public.85
66. Socially and demographically, nudists are nearly just such as the rest of the populace, except that they
There are not many other trends, social or emotional, positive or negative, that correlate to a
statistically significant level with nudists as a demographic group.86
67. Naturism rejects blind conformity to cultural mores and assumptions about the entire body, which see clothes
as a constant necessity, in favor of a more reasoned, rational strategy which recognizes the need for garments to be
dependent on context.
68. For Americans, non acceptance and sexualization of their own nudity encourages a partial or racist
attitude contrasting "clothed culture" against the "naked savage." 87
Rob Boyte asks, "Why is it permissible [in National Geographic] to reveal the penis and scrotum of an
Isle (May 67, Oct. 86), Turkana (Feb. 69), Adama Islands (July 75), New Guinea (Aug. 82), Woodabe (Oct. 83),
Ndebele (Feb. 69), and Surma (Feb. 91) women shown, yet not one white Canadian can be found to face the camera
Why are the breasts shown of Josephine Baker (July 89), a black native of East St. Louis, but the
breasts of white native girls of Miami Beach aren't shown? The unanswered question implies but one
Judgment: that the National Geographic has in fact a Eurocentric prejudice (racist) in showing nudity." 88
"The lack of self-consciousness isn't some natural 'primitive' whim to
acknowledge the universal truth that sex is the centre of their world. . . . of tradition speaks of a
social order in which sex, although not denied, has its position in the totality of living and growing things; it speaks of
another order of the whole world, one that's a reproach to, and refusal of, those naked westerners [vacationing on nude
Shores far from home], although at the exact same time, is ignored, marginalised, not taken seriously by them." 89
Naturism is healthy for the family.
69. Accurate nudists highlight a decent, family atmosphere and morality.
70. Research shows that kids who grow up in a nudist setting are usually more self-confident, more selfaccepting,
and more sexually well-adjusted. They feel better about their bodies, and more comfy with their
Research conducted at the University of Northern Iowa found that nudist children had body self concepts
that were significantly more favorable than those of non-nudist kids--and that the "nudity classification" of a
family was clearly one of the very most important variables related to positive body self-concept. Also, nudist
Kids revealed a significantly higher approval of their bodies as a whole, rather than feeling ashamed of specific
exposure to nudity in the family nurtures an atmosphere of approval of sexuality and one's body." They reasoned
self-esteem, and revealed increased acceptance of and comfort by making use of their bodies and their sexuality.92 Research by
Marie-Louise Booth at the California School of Professional Psychology found that "individuals with less childhood
exposure to parental nudity experienced significantly higher rates of adult sexual anxiety than did the group with
more childhood exposure to parental nudity."
reached by Lou Lieberman of the State University of New York at Albany, in the
late 1960s, found that "those young folks who'd casually seen both of their parents nude in the home were much
more likely to feel comfortable with their bodies and to additionally feel mo re satisfied with the shape and size of their
71. In general, "experts" such as Joyce Brothers and Dr. Spock speak out against family nudity without
empirical evidence to back them up. When view is really done, it contradicts their dreadful warnings.96
In a number of years of research at leading national research libraries, I 've yet to come across a scientific study
which contradicts the assumption that openness about nudity is healthy for kids.
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