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ABCya Games describes itself as “the best educational platform for kids and teachers”. It was created by public school teacher Alan Tortolani in 2004 with his students in mind. The game was in fact registered under the website domain by Tortolani in order to create a brand that is easily remembered and typed by children. ABCya is currently playable via its website and also as a mobile device program. It is available internationally in over 150 countries.

Basically, the general objective of ABCya is “edutainment” - educating children to the extent that entertains them. There are two things that ABCya, as a software, has always considered before and during its continuous development. To start off, kids have quite low attention spans and can be dispassionate about certain subjects instantly. Secondly, of children should continually involve learning. ABCya reconciled these two realities not just as a mere fact but also as an opportunity. is a well-rounded tool for children, parents, and teachers that effectively tickle the minds of its young users in addition to captivating their attention.

ABCya is not a single game. It is much more of a platform where over 250 specially developed games are compiled, making access not only widely accessible for any of its users, it also allows extensive options for children which aims to avoid one of the glaring difficulties parents and teachers face - boredom. Moreover, every month there are additional new games so that its young users will never get bored of. Kids can readily choose what fascinates them the most and it also gives parents and teachers an insight on what their kids or students are actually interested in.

As ABCya has consistently integrated education and entertainment and it has also combined other characteristics that make it a good application for children. The games are separated into grade levels to assure that the content consumed is age appropriate. There are eight groups in total, starting from pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and lastly, grade 6. The difference in the games per grade is the degree of complicatedness. An instance would be grade 1 games being straightforward in a play style point of view while games from higher grades are certainly more complicated with problem solving matters and even contains quite particular topics like aviary.

Another significant feature of ABCya is that games have exceptionally wide genres. The options can go from knowledge-based themes like mathematics to more skill type games like ABCya Animate or artistic apps like ABCya Paint. By dividing it this way, ABCya maintains the variety of its games, a feature that it always wants to uphold.

ABCya’s main audience is obviously children, but it has brought into consideration all the stakeholders that are involved with the learning process of a child. ABCya’s most effective feature, however, is how it has fully conjoined fun with learning and improvement of skills even if they haven't yet fully realized it.
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