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DescriptionPower Steering: Major Defects

The power steering has become an indispensable component currently runs through the hydraulic fluid pressurized by the hydraulic pump that "pushes" the rack assisting the driver on the steering wheel movement. Low-maintenance, reliable, but needs the least attention from your mechanic.
Most common problems and their symptoms
• This system is very simple and has no secrets, the driver's attention should be on the level of the hydraulic fluid that must not drop ever, i.e. if you verify that the level is decreasing, it is a leak and should be repaired. Usually, leaks are caused by worn sealing components and connection. The fluid has no exchange deadline; it should only be replaced in case of system disassembly.
• The power steering is silent, so any noise in its operation is a fault in the system. There are different types of noise; the most common are:
The treble sound of static that are assigned loose straps or with compromised life; Noise in the hydraulic pump, the noise is generated by the presence of air in the system. In this case, the system must be bled and again completed the fluid level.
• When the power steering stops working steering system reverts to "purely" mechanical and effort to turn it is higher, the most common causes of this symptom are assigned to complete breakdown of the pump, and then the hydraulic system crashes the exchange of the pump is the solution to the problem. Tires with pressure well below the specified also harm the system, leaving the heavier direction and causing increased stress on the hydraulic system.
• Leaks in the system also cause total system failure.
All these defects are directly related no power steering, but some other problems are affecting the steering system, for example, misaligned and unbalanced wheels can cause vibration on the steering wheel (shimmy.), So always periodically check the alignment and balancing of wheels.
Gaps in the system are assigned to loose components that need to be tightened. With so keep an eye out, and always ask your mechanic to check the power steering system.
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