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Raising Bilingual Children - How this will help them achieve academic success.


Who are those we refer to bilingual children? Bilingual children are kids who have the ability to speak two different languages up to intermediate level. To many parents, raising a bilingual child is seen as unnecessary and an too much for a young child's brain. They feel that the child is still trying to gain a mastery of their primary language, and this would just be too much of a burden. But, this is not true at all. Let me get it to your notice that it is at such a tender age that it is easier to learn a second language. More so, it helps achieve academic excellence.


Let me tell you that if you want your children to attain this bilingual status, you have to give heed to the type of Nanny Agency or English Governess Agency you use to help you find your nanny or governess. What do I mean by a nanny or governess agency? These are agencies that specialise in finding an English, French, German, Italian or even Chinese nanny, governess or tutor to teach your children. You have to make sure that it is a quality agency with experienced candidates, they can then help prepare your children for bilingualism.

How practically do you help your children attain bilingual status? The fact is that between the ages of 0-3, the brain of the infant is in such a tender stage. It is uniquely poised to learn. This stage of the brain development makes it easy for your children to absorb knowledge; the brain is quite flexible during this period. This is the period in which you can teach a second language to your children. As a matter of fact, infants who are exposed to a second language tend to detect a difference between the primary and secondary language as early as 6 months old, wow! If you still feel you do not want your children to learn a second language, consider this statistic. According to the University of Washington News, a united states census shows that 27% of children under the age of six are now learning a second language other than English and this does not mean they would not be fluent in native English, in fact, it aids mastery of both. The fact is that as adults, we have to, first of all, learn grammar rules and semantics when learning a second language but infant(s) tend to easily grasp the sentence structures, grammar rules, pronunciation among others easily. Up until the age of 8, infants can easily and flexibly detect the differences between the two languages.

How important is it for your children to be bilingual? Let me tell you something, seize every opportunity to make your children bilingual. The bilingual status of your children has many benefits. It helps develop the brain of your infants. According to KQED news, children who learn two or more languages tend to have a very sharp and flexible brain which can learn new things very fast. They tend to have superior ability to focus on a particular thing and change their response, this indicates “cognitive flexibility.” This ability helps such a kid develop self-control, a quality very important for academic excellence and living life as well. What are we saying here? When a child learns two languages, in a case where he is being asked a question in one of the languages, such a child would have to select the correct language response and very fast. This stimulates alertness and cognitive flexibility. All these at a very tender age! You can imagine how academically smart your bilingual infant(s) would be with these qualities.

Being bilingual also makes your infant(s) intelligent apart from the fact of academic brilliance. It makes them think outside the box. Take, for example, puzzles. Children who are bilingual tend to be skilled at solving puzzles. Why? This is because their brain would have been sharp and flexible enough.

All these and many other advantages necessary for academic success awaits a bilingual child. You can see that raising your infant(s) to be bilingual prepares his or her brain for academic excellence. You should, therefore, work at making your kids bilingual!


This article has given you the reason and motivation enough for you to make your children bilingual.

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