5 awesome facts about Aluminium foil:

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DescriptionHere is a selection of the most interesting and reliable facts about aluminium foil.

1. History of invention

Though foil itself was invented many centuries ago, BC, with no exact date and the name, we could call 27th October, 1910 as its birthday. In 1910, Robert Victor Neher patented his new method of aluminum foil tapes manufacture and, thus, started its mass production and use.

2. The temperature cap

The melting temperature of aluminium is 660.3 C. However, as the foil has some alloys, its melting temperature is a bit lower. Still, depending on its thickness, aluminium foil can withstand the temperature of up to 600 C with 400 C as a “not-to-burn-out” must even for the thinnest one.

3. buy aluminium foil of production

According to the latest reports of the European Aluminum Foil Association, in 2019, 933,056 tons of aluminium foil was produced only in Europe.

4. Great power of 1.5 grams

It takes just 1.5 gram of aluminium foil to create the inner side of one-liter packaging for milk and store it room temperature for a few months without a risk to get it soured.

5. Aluminum foil and ecosystem

And yes, it is recyclable. For example, at least 75% of the packing foil is recycled and still in use.

So, when you buy and use foil, you still stay eco-friendly, providing you do your best to dispose of it for recycling.

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