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DescriptionFigure out which pages on your blog are working the best, and turn them into
series of posts if necessary.
Reconstruct everything from the ground up.
Shuffle the data around, and lump each type of blog post into a group or
category that matches it, with a catchy category name.
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Constant innovation means doing the hard work. Spend time making every
little detail the best that it can be.
Better category grouping means a cleaner architecture, both for your
customers, and for the search spiders.
Revamp your Social Strategy.
You have social media accounts, but are they attracting new users to your
website? Are you getting anything from them at all?
It’s time to engage. Get a Reddit account, sign up for forums that discuss your
business, and get your employees to engage as well.
Every forum post has backlinks available directly in the signature. Every upvote on Reddit increases your visibility.
Instead of having a static page on Facebook to advertise your products and
blog posts, consider starting a group for your loyal fans and how it could
benefit you.
There’s a lot of ways that groups on Facebook can provide far better interaction
and community response. So, give it a try and do some research to help you
make a calculated effort.
Be engaged.
Use social media for your business the same way that you would use it for
your personal life.

By applying the innovation mentality this way, you can find new ways to
promote that your competitors haven’t considered, and you can own those
markets before they become markets.
Don’t use social platforms out of their own scope.
If you are on snapchat, be the content, not the commercial that everyone
If you are on YouTube, post eye catching, shareable videos hosting your
product as an element, not the focus.
If you are product marketing, review products, both yours and other people’s.
Don’t be an advertiser, be engaged.
Find free site evaluation tools and use them, constantly.
If you are stuck on how to tune your website, then get some analytic data.
There are hundreds of tools out there that will evaluate your website for free
and offer you insights.
Figure out what isn’t working, and try to fix it.
Ask your email list if there is something they would like to see on your
homepage (and include a linked image of the site).
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