How To Cover Awkward Shaped Windows

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The current architecture has availed a lot of designs in the construction of buildings. These alter the monotonous house features that we have always had from the early days. Things have to change as well. These include how we are supposed to cover the doors and windows that are in these uniquely designed houses. The fact that they are awkward does not mean that they are not to be covered. They are normal structures and hence has to be treated like the way we treat other windows. To some, it can be challenging to cover with shutters and blinds. However, there are bespoke services these days. This is whereby the company selected to avail the shutters is contacted to come to the home or office premises and take measurements of the windows. The exact required and fitting shutters are then made. This guarantees of safety and privacy even where strange windows are involved. Windows have the same purpose however differing they may be. The shape or appearance does not matter. You need to feel safe to do your private chores at home or at an office. When you are faced with the challenge of irregular windows, do not mind. Hence, visit for cover your awkward shaped windows.

There are ways to treat them too

Which are the unique windows?

We are used to doing normal things in our life. Covering windows is something that has been easy in the past days because windows have been of regular shapes that are predictable of event the sizes. Corner angles are always 90 degrees. Treating such windows is the easiest thing. However, there will come a special case. This is where the window is extra-large, irregular, having differing angles, projecting and many other cases where there are “abnormalities”. These windows have their purpose in the design and are not there for granted. They add aesthetic value to the room, brighten the rooms and do other window roles. The best way to do is to treat them just like other windows.

Below are some treatments for some awkward windows

Angled windows

The difficulty level of treating windows varies with how unusual the window is. Angled windows are part of the awkward windows. Angled windows as the name suggests are those windows that have an angle at the top. Rather than it being straight on the top edge, it is uplifted on the upper direction. This is done specifically for improving the design and to allow more light into the room. However, the method of treating such windows can be hectic. Shutters need to be bespoke to fit on the projections. For the case of blinds, it would be uneconomical to cover extra space rather than the fitting window. Bottom up types of shades can be a very appropriate treatment for such windows. Instead of pulling them from the up irregular part, we can pull it from the regular bottom part upwards. This way, the top part will cover the top angled area perfectly. Bespoke shutters can also be used to cover the window.


Arched windows

These are almost similar to the angled windows. The only difference is that the angle at the top is replaced by an arch or half oval shape. The shape formed makes the house appear beautiful and classic. A traditional look is also obtained. These windows can be treated by several other methods instead of just covering them with curtains. Curtain rods that are flexible are however a great option. If the curtain rings are able to remain in place and prevent the curtain from falling over, privacy, light control and security can be achieved. The other great option is to use plantation shutters. These are bespoke and can be made to look like any shape desired. They contain louvres that will be movable to control light and ensure privacy. Draperies and horizontal blinds are other options for these windows.

Bay windows

Bay windows are projecting outwards. They will form a shape that will be very pleasant on the outside as well as on the inside of a house. They are graceful and large with a great aesthetic value. However, treating such windows can be a problem. There are many parts that are not aligned. Many homeowners even leave the windows without any form of treatment because they don’t know how they can treat them. Flexible curtain rods can be used to cover the windows. Plantation shutters are however the best options. They will be custom made to cover the window shape and in a fitting manner. All the projected parts will be catered for. Each window section will have its own shutters so that light control as well as privacy are ensured.

High windows

These are the windows that are located very high in the rooms. They can be compared almost to the skylights. Due to their location there, they allow a lot of light to penetrate into the room and create a natural look. When the light is not required however, they can be a nuisance and one may wish they were not there. What you need to do to such windows however is to treat the windows appropriately. Rustic shutters are the best for this case. These will allow closing, opening and cracking to control light and ensure privacy in the room. They also add an aesthetic and architectural look inside the room.

Transom windows

These are the types of windows that will occupy a lot of wall space from the bottom to the top. They are very effective for bedrooms and offices. They will allow maximum light into the room during the day enabling office operations to be done even without presence of electricity. However, the challenge comes at night. Light will not be necessary then. Privacy will be paramount also. Transom windows will not guarantee these unless they are treated. Blinds that are custom fitted will work well to prevent people to see through the windows at night and keep off light. They are lowered at night and raised during the day. Full sized shutters are also the other option available. Their louvres will be controlled to regulate the light or close the window completely.

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