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DescriptionIs there a free CRM?

The questions are answered by Professor Agelika Brown, part-time practical consultant in the business integration company.

Is there a free CRM? Of course, such systems exist. But before you talk about them, decide for yourself whether you really need CRM.

Are there alternatives of CRMs?
It will turn out to be done in narrow industries where its own software is provided, in many areas where there are only a couple of suppliers and a couple of buyers. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of American companies have not even heard of CRM.

The classic Excel or Google Sheets application continues to be considered an alternative.

But if your Excel file has grown and become more complicated, if there is a risk of the customer base being removed by managers or deliberate sabotage, if it is stolen in the warehouse and services are not provided, you should seriously think about choosing a CRM system and putting things in order in business in several directions at once. .

Often users are faced with the choice of free CRM and at this point it is difficult for them to decide on a decision.

Why is it difficult to choose the best CRM?
• See no example for your industry
• No understanding of the features you need
• Lack of understanding of ease of migration to other software
• The need for modifications to your company is not clear

What are the best free CRM?
Friday CRM — I use it (easy-to-use)
• Vtiger CRM
• Hubspot CRM
• Flowlu
• Freshsales
• Really Simple Systems CRM
• SuiteCRM
• Yetiforce


Do I need to modify CRM systems for my business? Depending on the specifics of the company’s activities, it may be necessary to finalize, that is, change the program code using the forces of a vendor or own programmer / freelancer, if technically possible.Improvement is always an additional cost, but you get a system that solves problems with the maximum specificity of the company and do not waste time building relationships with CRM.

Several types of refinement, depending on the capabilities of the client and system architecture:
1. Finalization by the programmers of the customer or freelancer is possible if you need to create several additional reports or CRM is a platform (roughly speaking, SDK). Here you need to remember that interfering with the logic of a system unfamiliar to a programmer can lead to unpredictable consequences - be sure to test before starting work.
2. Improvement by the vendor is in all cases the best option due to the deep knowledge of the system on the part of the developer and his understanding of business processes. But not all vendors provide such a service.
3. Creating a fork of an open source system is a long-term and expensive refinement (if you can still call it that). Requires a qualified programmer who wants a good pay.

When choosing a refinement method, remember: you pay for the work of your hired programmer for refinement and pay the vendor. Sometimes the first amount significantly exceeds the second - weigh all the prospects and risks.

Sometimes there is no need for improvement - just customize the system using the available settings. Only one piece of advice is applicable here: before you start drafting the terms of reference for additional functionality, work with the system and make sure that the necessary settings are missing.
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