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DescriptionDescription ***IMPORTANT UPDATES: 8 MAR 2013: How to join the original/'real' RDFRS - Join RDFRS (the more members of team, the higher chances to be winning team by participating in a challenge to earn $1,000 (USD), $1000 for other team members, $6000 for charity causes, everyone wins as science progresses regardless of winner - Improving your contributions to science safely/How to use the latest 'ARM' (for new or older CPUs, as near equivalent to GPU to crunch w/your existing hosts, SMARTPHONES and other devices - NEW PROJECTS and SCIENCE sub-projects this month! - NEW members needed and welcomed! Upgrades - A new official site for our SPANISH speaking friends - you still need to join 'Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, but can now read about the latest news at RDFRS off-site at Dawkins Fundación para la Razón y la Ciencia-NEW-JOIN BOINCWIDE TEAM (area available for team discussion) THANK YOUs! *** Hello, and thanks for looking for and finding the original and official Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science team. Like our namesake, we are a team dedicated to the advancement of science and the application of the scientific method to study, analyze, understand, and perhaps affect the world and universe within which we live for the betterment of that world and the life/lives/minds of those who are its inhabitants. According to the official websites and the Facebook page, a brief mission statement is (of non-BOINC-affiliated projects, since the BOINC project and its software is, of course, 100% free and costs nothing but a user-defined set of what would otherwise be unused CPU cycles on your home/office/school computer): "to support scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding of the natural world in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and suffering." There is a lot of information in our description, so for those wanting or needing to keep their visit short to complete the signup process or for other reasons, thank you for joining, we're proud to have you, and perhaps you'll come back later to view more information, as much of it you may find quite useful as you crunch for the different BOINC projects as well as research non BOINC-specific information about distributed computing and other topics. Almost certainly, if you have landed on this page, you've probably searched for and know the basics about Richard Dawkins as an individual and probably even BOINC as well, or perhaps 'God' has sent you here on a special personal mission to improve your understanding of science so that you can upgrade your logical thinking skills and your grasp of logic as it pertains to reality, so briefly: We're most certainly the 'official' team for which you're looking - this can be verified by a quick look at the statistics sites (BOINCStats and others to which the projects link) the relatively large number of members overall and on most individual projects, as well as proper information, administrative contacts, and linkage. Hopefully, the only confusion surrounding our team is in regards to other teams with very similar names but few members and/or comparatively negligible credit - and although imitation is almost always the most sincere form of flattery, in most cases these predatory/derivative teams do use these look- or sound-alike names to masquerade as our original RDFRS team, and unfortunately these teams are usually run by fanatical Dawkins detractors who have nothing to do with us as individuals or our team and its principles, so we appreciate your diligence in joining our team, which for the purposes of BOINC has no 'The' or 'Official' attached to the name of our team (although you may see this on some of the official Dawkins' sites across the web, BOINC teams must be named exactly across each project BOINC-wide, partially so there is little to no confusion when it comes to compilation of statistics for science purposes, challenges, or any other necessary BOINC function which would require enumeration along with a uniform cross-project name). We have had the same name since our team's inception (almost a decade ago now), so it's easy to join us and participate with the original crew, many of whom have been here since the beginning, and many who have joined throughout the years. We're certainly not a bunch of sycophantic hero-worshiping Dawkins-quoting automatons; not only do we think that Mr. Dawkins would find that to be quite disturbing, philosophically offensive, and counterintuitive, but we value ourselves as free and independent thinkers assembled from many different walks of life, and welcome reasonable debates and differences of opinion which remain respectful and topical, and despise derogatory, ad-hoc, and any other form of fundamentally flawed arguments with logical fallacies or circular reasoning at their core. ... home.jpg?1345676491 RDF-TV-iTunes-logo-125.jpg
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