Created25 Jul 2018, 14:25:39 UTC
Sent25 Jul 2018, 15:42:27 UTC
Report deadline20 Jan 2019, 17:11:01 UTC
Received1 Aug 2018, 6:47:13 UTC
Server stateOver
OutcomeComputation error
Client stateCompute error
Exit status-1073741819 (0xffffffffc0000005) Unknown error number
Computer ID64195
Run time8 sec
CPU time1 sec
Validate stateInvalid
Device peak FLOPS3.72 GFLOPS
Application versionEXACT Batch Norm With Scaled FMP CNN Trainer v0.34
Peak disk usage0.01 MB

Stderr output

(unknown error) - exit code -1073741819 (0xc0000005)</message>
converting arguments to vector
boincified training filename: '../../projects/csgrid.org_csg/cifar_10_training.bin'
boincified validation filename: '../../projects/csgrid.org_csg/cifar_10_testing.bin'
boincified testing filename: '../../projects/csgrid.org_csg/cifar_10_testing.bin'
boincified genome filename: '../../projects/csgrid.org_csg/exact_genome_1532344514_162_9380.txt'
boincified output filename: '../../projects/csgrid.org_csg/exact_genome_1532344514_162_9380_0_r1769630206_0'
boincified checkpoint filename: 'checkpoint.txt'
loading genome
starting from input file: '../../projects/csgrid.org_csg/exact_genome_1532344514_162_9380.txt'
read CNN_Genome file with version string: 'v0.33'
read exact_id: -1
read genome_id: -1
read initial_mu: 0.520772
read mu: 0.520772
read mu_delta: 0.952591
read initial_learning_rate: 0.00151526
read learning_rate: 0.00151526
read learning_rate_delta: 0.927384
read initial_weight_decay: 0.000527815
read weight_decay: 0.000527815
read weight_decay_delta: 0.94636
read batch_size: 93
read epsilon: 1e-07
read alpha: 0.0828487
read input_dropout_probability: 0.00123372
read hidden_dropout_probability: 0.106365
read velocity_reset: 1860
read epoch: 0
read max_epochs: 100
read reset_weights: 0
read padding: 2
read best_epoch: 0
read number_validation_images: 10000
read best_validation_predictions: 0
read best_validation_error: 1e+07
read number_training_images: 50000
read training_predictions: 0
read training_error: 1e+07
read number_test_images: 10000
read test_predictions: 0
read test_error: 1e+07
read generation_id: 9380
read normal distribution: '0 1.55132627487183 0.0370221510529518'
generator_str: '8155040'
read generator: 8155040
read generated_by_map:
1 crossover 1
reading 146 nodes.
reading 554 edges.
number input nodes: 3
number softmax nodes: 10
order_size: 0
parsed input file
loaded genome
loading images
number_classes: 10
channels: 3
width: 32
height: 32
reading image set with 5000 images.
reading image set with 5000 images.
reading image set with 5000 images.
reading image set with 5000 images.

Unhandled Exception Detected...