1) Message boards : Number Crunching : more video watched as available (Message 511)
Posted 17 Jun 2013 by Profile JayPi
The first video block "Interior Least Tern" goes to finish, but now i see the following info, if i am klicking on the progress bar:

213.4 hours watched
213.2 hours available
213.2 hours total

Whats happen now?

2) Message boards : Image and Video Discussion : 2nd bird a parent? (Message 454)
Posted 30 May 2013 by Profile JayPi
I would like to discuss this video:

The 2nd bird seem to be not a parent. It comes near to nest, but don't contact the sitting bird. So I respond to parent return and parent leaves with no. But if it is a parent the questions must be answered with yes. Everybody have different answers to this video.

3) Message boards : Webpage and Application Code Discussion : got a video twice (Message 415)
Posted 20 May 2013 by Profile JayPi
Today the pages are seeming to hang sometimes. For one Video I pressed the new video button and nothing happens. After pressing F5 I got the same video again. After grading my newly sent marks were compared with the marks I answered before (You - JayPi). I am working with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 10.