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Posted 10 Aug 2014 by Profile Odicin
Ideally I'd like to have one set of server side daemons and forums, and then keep the individual projects for tracking credit... I don't know how feasible that is.

I think this will work for existing users. But whats about new users? This will mean that they must create another account with the same e-mail adress on every subproject.

Boinc Manager allows to create an account directly without using the webpages, so how will a user realize, that he have to do this?

I suppose, the only way is to integrate the other projects completely like other umbrella projects (all apps/accounts at one server) and only export the stats from this server with the different subprojects. I know, yoyo@home or PG exporting stats for every of their subrojects.

But not all old users will transfer their credit, so you will have a mess while some users have old credits, some others not. I think the only way is not to export these old credits from this server, only show them somewhere in the user pages and begin a fresh export from here.

Anonther idea. You did not transfer any credits to the new server, so you can begin here a fresh export and retire the old subproject servers.

Regards Odi