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Posted 21 Apr 2017 by JohnPetterson
For one task running on Computer ID: 6391 (an AMD A8-3850 running Win 7)

From BoincTasks:
At Elapsed Progress Time Left CPU% Status
4/17/2017 11:14:35 15.89 28:43:47 99.52 Running High P.
4/21/2017 106:13:35 92.05 9:10:14 98.82 Running High P.

From TaskInfo:

InMem KB (more or less the same as working set) = 446,580 MB
The is fairly consistent across all tasks for their duration
Free Ph KB 1,799,940
Page Faults/s 1,687
Page Ins KB/s 0
Page Outs KB/s 69

The free memory, paging information, and CPU% above indicate page thrashing is not occurring.

The large increase in elapsed time happens more or less consistently on this machine and a Q6600, but not on i5-4750, i7 3770, or AMD FX(tm)-6100 - all Win 7