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Posted 5 Mar 2015 by Trotador
Stats are not being exported for several days now.

Please have a look at it when you can.

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Posted 17 Jan 2015 by Trotador

On multicore systems I would recommend not running DNA jobs on all cores by limiting the number of concurrent DNS jobs. I would leave 1 or more cores to run smaller jobs like POEM and taking care of system overhead. This way the DNA jobs get everything they need to run as fast as possible. For example on dual and quad core systems, I have 1 core limit for projects like CSG and WCG, and let smaller RAM projects like SETI and POEM use whatever is left.

How do you do that? AFAIK, number of cores used can be set only for BOINC as a whole.

You have to create an app_config.xml file (with a text editor) in the project folder and fill in it with:


Subsitute "9" with the value you want for your system, depending on the total RAM it has available and taking into account if it is a dedicated cruncher or your daily system.

To make BOINC Manager aware, just use the "Read config files" in the "Advanced Menu" or restart it.

Edit: oops! already explained in the second post of this thread...