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Posted 7 May 2013 by Fire$torm [BlackOps]
My credit calculation is probably. You're saying the workunits giving too much credit?


My machine crunches an average of 35 (~25 - 50) credits per hour and core.
Your app gives me something between 220 and 800, average is ~300.

Questions: Your average is based on what? Which projects do you crunch? I ask because the concept of how much credit should be granted for a wu is strictly subjective.

Truth be told, the more credit a project grants, the more likely the project will be noticed by the BOINC community, and the faster it will gain acceptance. It is true that some portion of the community could care less about credits paid as they are solely interested in the science. These volunteers, though not small in number, do not make up the majority of the community. If one looks, one can discern whole teams that are dedicated to dominating the higher paying projects.

As to my stance on this issue? My signature graphic says it all.

Obviously, this is a contentious issue. Teams have broken up over it. This thread in fact could become rife with hostile statements. Time will tell.

@Project Staff: Best of luck sorting this out.