1) Message boards : Number Crunching : undistributed (Message 5813)
Posted 25 Aug 2015 by Profile WikiWill
Just mentioning that I still see this issue - I have 29 pending, back to the beginning of August. That's probably not a lot, except that I have only had three grant credit so it's pretty poor return on investment!
2) Message boards : Tweet Discussion : Repeat Tweet (Message 5508)
Posted 19 Jun 2015 by Profile WikiWill
I've seen a few repeats. My theory is that they are the same text posted from from different Twitter accounts. It might also be a testing our rating consistency!
3) Message boards : Tweet Discussion : Classifying Tweets with url's (Message 5451)
Posted 10 Jun 2015 by Profile WikiWill
I'm not sure if we should endorse people following random links in tweets...

Yes, I recommend not endorsing that! Plenty of links posted to twitter point to pages hosting malware. I don't have recent stats handy but it's a big enough concern to keep people away from it, especially when links are shortened and the real target URL isn't visible.