1) Message boards : Number Crunching : Please Ban Bad Hosts (Message 7569)
Posted 21 Aug 2018 by morgan
I see bad host making some of my wu´s error out, as well.
One here; https://csgrid.org/csg//workunit.php?wuid=3913454

could it help a bit, if the, max # of error/total/success tasks are set to a bigger/different value???
2) Message boards : News : [wildlife] status update (Message 6914)
Posted 17 Apr 2017 by morgan

These new searches will start back with the smaller workunits and get progressively larger in size, so if you start seeing results with names like 'exact_genome_<timestamp>_6_<more numbers>' or 'exact_genome_<timestamp>_7_<more numbers>' those are from the new searches. If these start to see runtimes wildly out of line with credit please let me know.

Like this one ?

Comp 50000 is mine.. No score :(