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Posted 1 Jun 2017 by rod4x4
As per my post in the other thread

As a temp fix I have been doing the following:

1) Stop Boinc client
2) Edit client_state.xml
- Replace all http://csgrid with https://csgrid
- Save File
3) Restart Boinc client

I need to do it for every WU though so wait until I have a few waiting and then do the edit in one shot.

I had already checked all the other data files and done a similar find/replace which got my downloads working so I assume it's something in the WU's themselves for the upload.

This method did not work in my case. It actually wiped ALL CSG tasks.
On another affected PC, I modified point 2 in the above method by replacing only the <upload_url> tag.

replace all <upload_url>http://csgrid with <upload_url>https://csgrid

This retained all CSG tasks and allowed me to upload the pending tasks.
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Posted 25 Jan 2016 by rod4x4
Running successfully on Android 4.4.2. (Samsung Note 3)