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Posted 22 Feb 2018 by JoeM
I too, have many validate errors (45). Checking the work unit validation progress page I've found that many of these errors have a computer that has timed out. I also 81 units that have validated and many of these have computer with a validate error. Don't know if this helps but I can provide more info if needed.

Most of the errors occurred at or before the 20th, although I have one today.
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Posted 17 Feb 2018 by JoeM
I wrote a long post and lost it lol. I will just make a short one. Turned out longer than I thought, but not as long as the original I lost and probably not as coherent.

Tat, I'm glad we are trying too. Agricultural practices are harming not just the global warming scene but are causing widespread environmental issues, just look at the honey bee. And yes, we are not the only ones feeling the pain, our other animal "friends" depend on us to get us out the mess we created. So I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Here are a couple thoughts and they will be like bullet points since I don't feel like writing an essay again. So there will be many holes and not much explaination in my thought process. Besides these are just my opinions and there are certainly better more thought out ones than mine.

Good things:
Natural processes: Bacteria, Green plants and geological processes act as CO2 sinks.

Human: Energy efficiency dramatically improved over the last 30 years. Rate of human reproduction is slowing.

Bad things:
Natural processes: These processes are showing signs of being overwhelmed.
Glacier retrieval means more gas is being released, oceans are becoming more acidic also releases more greenhouse gases not mention adding stress to the life that lives in it.

Human: Population although the rate of increase is has diminished considerably it takes time for it to have a large impact. This is probably the root cause for most of the ails the world is seeing. More people more food and consumer goods equals a larger energy requirement.

While there are more people that are showing concerns for the planet, there are a significant number (including many in power) that don't share this concern.

Some solutions (idealistically as they are)

Continue energy efficiency research. This will not only benefit the planet but it will be necessary for the space program which has went from a want to a need. Some of us will probably need to find a new planet home eventually, probably sooner than later (that has its own moral questions associated with it).

Bring farms closer to cities and cities need to manufacture many goods locally. The global econonomy is a huge energy waste and is probably not sustainable for long. Plan on moving farms to where the precipitation shifts. Agricultural improvement is necessary but very difficult but we must try. Even if humans are not causing climate change, it is happening and we need to mitigate it.

Rely less on the government and more on each other. This would be a big reverse trend but reliance on the government has been futile for the most part in solving energy problems. We can't even vote for the best people in the U.S. because each party has their "favorites" and in most cases they are not the best for us. If we help each other we will be more efficient. Yes, it sounds conservative and it is. Conservative views and Liberal views need be twisted together to make a more effcient world. Compromise is extremely important and relying on each other aids in that compromise. Both views have something to contribute to a better future and to it's demise. We have to figure that out. Sorry about this point it just reflects my more libertarian point of view.

Energy making research needs to be accelerated. Nuclear fusion would add nearly an unlimited amount of energy and is one of the keys for us to move from "primative primates" to a more advanced civilization. If not nuclear fusion then other clean energy methods needs to be developed or improved.

If we solve our energy needs and address population issues then we can work on the many social ideas that people are wanting today. For now however, most social issues are side issues that humanity has been living with since the beginning of our existence. They are not going away but we need to focus on survival first then come back to these. I am glad some of these issues have been improved upon for sure, don't get me wrong. Just bad timing (these are unprecidented times) considering the alternative if we lose focus on protecting our future. Of course, there will be some that will say now is the time for correcting social issues we have lived with too long. I can't really argue that from one point of view (we really need to do better) but if we are busy fighting out how our social future is going to be we may not even have a future at all.

Hope I kinda made sense LOL. Lot of philosophical mumbo jungo here and some of it very debatable. Hope we get it right.
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Posted 14 Feb 2018 by JoeM
While climate change is certainly occurring and most likely at least in part to the rise of CO2, speculation abounds.

The farmer's question is most likely an earnest question, even if one disagrees with the CO2 hypotheses it is not a negative, but a contrary opinion. The science is good (a relative term) showing that global warming is occurring, what is poorly understood is the why. Why is sometimes the hardest question to answer for science as it take a lot of data.

As a scientist, I side with the data presented and with physics, that we as humans play a role in this. However, we are learning as we go as there many mitigating factors that we are learning about (there may be others that are still unknown). Still one has to think that these factors will eventually get overwhelmed and maybe already has.

The biggest problem is our population, our energy needs will keep on rising despite our continuous improvement in energy efficiency. The good news is that the population increase is slowing, the bad, maybe not fast enough.

This post is not meant to be gloom and doom, there is a chance that we come out fine (probably with some pain in the process) and chance a that we won't.
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Posted 14 Feb 2018 by JoeM
I too started getting these. Looks like other computers are having thew same problem. May have to crunch other programs until this gets fixed.