1) Message boards : Tweet Discussion : Requiring ever-increasing number of categories selected to submit? (Message 7374)
Posted 9 Dec 2017 by Profile Cesium_133*
Same here, still not fixed as of 9 Dec 17. This is not how a project should run. You all have been notified more than once of what appears to be a simple bug to fix, and it's not happening. 1 cat, then 2, then 3...

I'm going to get the 200 badge for tweets and then stick to the other projects on here until someone gets around to fixing this issue. It's an important thing to plumb the minds of those in society, admins... please act like it is. Tyvm... *peace and love*... Cesium...
2) Message boards : Tweet Discussion : Doesn't fit catagories (Message 7373)
Posted 9 Dec 2017 by Profile Cesium_133*
I'd like to discuss it, too. Who is this "she"? lol I might be in the market for some intimate anthropogenic global warming... :)
3) Message boards : Webpage and Application Code Discussion : [EXACT MNIST Batch CNN Type] Badges (Message 7337)
Posted 6 Oct 2017 by Profile Cesium_133*
Would love to see badges for CNN, indeed. Would be nice to have that. Perhaps use pics of parts of the brain, with proper coloration, for the badges. Start w the pons, then something else, the cerebellum, and finally the most important stuff... ending w a full-pic cerebrum lol... just a thought... :)