1) Message boards : News : [wildlife] credit and fpops update (Message 6664)
Posted 11 Jan 2017 by KaptainBlaZzed
As long as you keep credits well above what SETI is, you will keep volunteers busy and attract new people.

FWIW, I've long ago stopped caring about credit and others like me are only in it for the hours.

Hours: the New New Credit system.

Honestly CPU hours is probably not a bad system. Can't really mess with it.

The hours credit system rewards core count and not work done. Somebody could set up an army of RPI's and get a lot of hours, but not do a lot of work. A few Dual CPU Xeons could stomp the RPI's and get the work done way quicker with a lot fewer cores/hours.
2) Message boards : Webpage and Application Code Discussion : EXACT Convolutional Neural Network Trainer? (Message 6657)
Posted 10 Jan 2017 by KaptainBlaZzed
will there be badges for "EXACT Convolutional Neural Network Trainer"?