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Message boards : News : merging too dark/corrupt/camera issue buttons

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Message 1311 - Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 5:48:08 UTC

There is now just one button for videos that have any problems (corruption, too dark, knocked over camera). I'm updating the validator (might not be done until tomorrow) -- so the validator will be off until I've gotten things working again.

I'm going to have to do some re-validation of results because of this, but in general I think everyone's credit will go up a little bit; because unsure now will also partially validate against too dark/corrupt/camera problems. I hope no one has a problem with that.

I've also added a column to the database for your observations that will track how much credit is awarded for each of your observations. I think this will help debug the validator even further, and will give you all a better idea of how credit (and partial credit) is being awarded, so we can get everything just right.

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Message boards : News : merging too dark/corrupt/camera issue buttons