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Message 7198 - Posted: 12 Jul 2017, 18:29:43 UTC
Last modified: 12 Jul 2017, 18:30:29 UTC

I've started up a new set of runs. I made some tweaks to the backend to improve accuracy of how we're storing things in the database (found a couple bugs that while not fatal were not giving me the information I wanted). Workunit names look like:


And in this case, the ID will be >= 39 and <= 43. Let me know if you're having any errors with these new workunits.

On another note, I recently submitted a paper to this years IEEE eScience conference. You can take a look at the preliminary draft here:

Our results are starting to get quite good. I also have an application update that should improve things even further -- but want to get a few more data points with the current implementation before doing the update.

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Message boards : News : [wildlife] new runs