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Message boards : News : [wildlife] a push for UAV imagery analysis

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Message 6842 - Posted: 29 Mar 2017, 15:49:02 UTC

Susan is making a push to try and analyze recent UAV imagery taken from the Hudson Bay! She'd like you to help us find birds, bears and caribou in our newly collected images from an unmanned aircraft (aka. Drone) in Northern Manitoba. The wildlife found in the images will be used to create training datasets for us to automate post-processing of large datasets from aerial imagery.

You can help us by reviewing images for the UAS Estimating Snow Geese project. We'll be using your results to expand on previous publications to test our software which will take your wildlife observations and automatically count snow geese. The more training information we get from you the more accurate our results.

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Message boards : News : [wildlife] a push for UAV imagery analysis