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Message 5754 - Posted: 27 Jul 2015, 1:29:27 UTC

So on working on the validator, it looks like Lindsey and I had a little miscommunication about how things were to work. So as now it stands, each tweet is only being viewed once. You can probably see how difficult this makes it to test the validator (we have no duplications to compare).

So to put a snag in the wheel, I fly from Albany to DC at 5:30 am and have a meeting tomorrow with the FAA on another research project. Wednesday I finally fly back to grand forks. So i'll be working on updating how the tweet watching webpage grabs and stores tweets so we get multiple views of the same tweet and then can start to validate things.

After that is when we get to the fun part of trying to see what all really is going on in this mess of tweets. Thanks again for your patience as these snags happen, and to your continued support!

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Message boards : News : [climate] validation update