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Message 5236 - Posted: 23 May 2015, 3:15:51 UTC

Now that the server migration has completed, I'd like to introduce a new project, mostly made by one of our undergraduate research assistants - Lindsey Wingate. The goal of the project is to better understand a large number of tweets related to climate change so we can study public perception regarding climate change. We'll use your input on these to research the development of machine learning algorithms in sentiment analysis, which we hope can eventually automate most of the process.

Please note that the tweets are unfiltered and may contain profanity or controversial views, and these are not the views of the Citizen Science Grid, any of our team, or funding agencies. Because of this, we'd like to keep the project 18+ (or whatever legal age you need to be in your country to be able to read profanity). Because of this, reading through them should also be a lot of fun!. :)

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Message boards : News : [climate] introducing a new project - Climate Tweets!