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Message 4815 - Posted: 10 Nov 2014, 0:27:49 UTC
Last modified: 10 Nov 2014, 0:28:41 UTC

Pheasants are strange animals. There is a place in Sweden called Trolle Ljungby where people breed them and the pheasants keep running across the street without caring for anything. The result is this typical situation :-(

Not my images but I have been there a few times and even when you drive along the road in 1st gear as slow as possible, those guys just walk in front of your car, so you have to stop and wait. I even exited the car in order to chase them away but that didn't impress them too much either.

Most drivers (especially trucks) do not slow down at all and just drive over them, the road is full of dead pheasants all the time. There are (funny) warning signs but it is a busy road and people who are not on vacations seem to be always in a hurry there.

There are many ducks too there but those are way more careful, it's usually just the pheasants that end up as roadkill.

Very strange behaviour for birds - but also for the guys who breed them there :-/

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Message boards : Cafe : Suicide birds (Fasan / pheasant)