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Message 51 - Posted: 3 Oct 2012, 13:06:55 UTC

I've made bossa jobs from all the lekking video from the summer of 2012. The videos were taking from the Lostwood Wildlife Refuge in North Dakota, and are of sharptailed grouse doing their mating dances.

After this video, I'll be making bossa jobs for the nesting video (which is the majority of the video we'll be analyzing -- there's about 30,000 hours in total from this summer). Getting an idea of what kind of predators attack the nests, how successful the grouse are at defending their nests and having eggs hatch, and how much time the birds spend on their nests will not only help us learn valuable information about the sharptailed grouses behavior, but it will also help determine the impact of the oil development in western North Dakota.

The sharptailed grouse is an indicator species, meaning that if they are doing well, then other wildlife in the area is doing well, so this should help shed some insight as to how the environment is doing out there.

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Message boards : News : Lekking video from summer 2012.