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[all] cooling failure - potential downtime

I've been informed that the cooling system has gone down in the university datacenter that houses the virtual machine that the Citizen Science Grid runs on. As of now, they're not going to be shutting down the virtual machine, but it's still a potential. I just wanted to get a warning message out to everyone in case the site goes down for a period of time. Our system administrators are working on it and hopefully we don't experience any downtime, but if we do they'll be doing their best to get things back up and running.

Travis Desell on Saturday, March 25th
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[all] travel alert

Just a heads up that I'm currently traveling until February 28th, so I apologize for any slow responses. I'll still be checking in to email and the forums periodically while I'm away, just not as frequently as usual.

Travis Desell on Monday, February 20th
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[all] Interview with Team Gridcoin

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of chatting with some people from Team Gridcoin, who recorded the session. If you'd like to check it out, here it is!

Looking forward to the next one! I'll try and inform everyone when I'll be joining next if anyone else would like to take part.

Travis Desell on Tuesday, March 7th
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[wildlife, climate, dna] continuing hardware issues

Hi All,

Our sys admins are still hard working to come up with a solution. Disk issues might not be resolved until Monday.


Travis Desell on Friday, December 9th
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[wildlife,dna,climate] hardware issues

Hi All,

There are some issues with the storage mount that CSG uses, so some of the interfaces may not be working while they work to fix it. Hopefully it should be resolved by the end of the day.


Travis Desell on Thursday, December 8th
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[climate, dna, subset_sum, wildlife] Citizen Science Grid Logo!

At long last we have a logo!

And just another plug for our twitter account:

Travis Desell on Thursday, July 14th
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[dna,subset_sum] more workunits

Sorry for the long delay here. This semester has been very insane for me -- too overloaded with teaching and other research projects!

DNA@Home should be generating more workunits now, and I hope to have more SubsetSum@Home workunits flowing tonight.

Travis Desell on Tuesday, April 12th
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[dna] back up!

Sorry about the slowness here. I came down with probably the worst flu of my life last week and have been digging myself out of the pile of work that showed up while I was in bed.

We had a bit of a bug in the assimilator which caused things to not generate new work. This is fixed (and shouldn't happen again). More work should be generating now.

Travis Desell on Thursday, March 31st
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[dna] new DNA@Home runs up and going

It looks like everything is coming back just fine with the new application versions, so I've started up a batch of fresh runs which will mean a lot of new workunits. Happy crunching!

Travis Desell on Monday, January 9th
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[wildlife,climate,dna,subset_sum] spam user purge

We've had a large influx of spam profiles, so I had to go through and delete a massive amount of them. I deleted any profile that didn't have any credit, hadn't participated in the crowd sourcing pages on wildlife@home or climate tweets, and who hadn't made a forum post. I've also updated the site so that the minimum credit required to make a profile is 1.

I'm hoping I didn't delete any real people in the process. If your account was deleted please send me an email and I'll restore it - or you could just make a new one as it didn't have any credit or forum posts anyways.

Travis Desell on Sunday, January 17th
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