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[climate, dna, subset_sum, wildlife] Citizen Science Grid Logo!

At long last we have a logo!

And just another plug for our twitter account:

Travis Desell on Thursday, April 21st
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[subset_sum] new batch of workunits being generated

More work should be flowing for subset sum now. Let me know if you have any issues!

Travis Desell on Tuesday, April 12th
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[dna,subset_sum] more workunits

Sorry for the long delay here. This semester has been very insane for me -- too overloaded with teaching and other research projects!

DNA@Home should be generating more workunits now, and I hope to have more SubsetSum@Home workunits flowing tonight.

Travis Desell on Tuesday, April 12th
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[subset_sum] more work

I've started up another batch of subset sum workunits. Let me know if you're having any problems with them.

Travis Desell on Thursday, March 3rd
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[subset_sum] more wrkunits!

Just start up the next batch of workunits for subset sum. Let me know if you have any issues with them!

Travis Desell on Friday, January 22nd
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[subset_sum] testing new workunits

I'm testing a small batch of workunits for subset sum@home, resending those that errored out so the progress pages can be updated. When these come in and are processed okay I'll let out another big batch.

Travis Desell on Monday, January 18th
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[wildlife,climate,dna,subset_sum] spam user purge

We've had a large influx of spam profiles, so I had to go through and delete a massive amount of them. I deleted any profile that didn't have any credit, hadn't participated in the crowd sourcing pages on wildlife@home or climate tweets, and who hadn't made a forum post. I've also updated the site so that the minimum credit required to make a profile is 1.

I'm hoping I didn't delete any real people in the process. If your account was deleted please send me an email and I'll restore it - or you could just make a new one as it didn't have any credit or forum posts anyways.

Travis Desell on Sunday, January 17th
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[wildlife,climate,dna,subset_sum] update!

Just wanted to give everyone an update as things have been a bit quiet on my front. I moved into a new house over the last week or so, which has limited my time quite a bit (and my internet connection for awhile). We're almost all moved in now, so there should be a more movement from me this week. We have some new DNA@Home runs that we will be getting started - and I think I might have found/fixed a potential bug that was causing some of the errors in the DNA@Home workunits.

Travis Desell on Wednesday, January 13th
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[subset_sum,climate,dna] more workunits and a status update

I've generated another batch of subset sum workunits. Let me know how they're working.

On another note, I'm off to Pittsburgh for a conference and will be back tuesday. I'm hoping tonight or tomorrow night I'll get the climate tweet validator doing things. We're also working on what our next batch of DNA@Home workunits are going to be - but that might be a little while as I need feedback from the biologists.

Travis Desell on Monday, October 26th
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[dna,subset_sum] new workunits!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Two back to back trips at the beginning of the semester made things a bit crazy. I've started up a new large batch of DNA@Home runs -- let me know how they're going.

I also have a a couple things I want to get working with SubsetSum@Home which I hope to have done this weekend before I send out the next batch of those workunits.

Now that things have finally calmed down a bit I should be more responsive and hopefully scratch off a lot of things on the to do list for all the projects!

thanks for your patience,

Travis Desell on Sunday, October 11th
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