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[all] cooling failure - potential downtime

I've been informed that the cooling system has gone down in the university datacenter that houses the virtual machine that the Citizen Science Grid runs on. As of now, they're not going to be shutting down the virtual machine, but it's still a potential. I just wanted to get a warning message out to everyone in case the site goes down for a period of time. Our system administrators are working on it and hopefully we don't experience any downtime, but if we do they'll be doing their best to get things back up and running.

Travis Desell on Saturday, March 25th
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[all] travel alert

Just a heads up that I'm currently traveling until February 28th, so I apologize for any slow responses. I'll still be checking in to email and the forums periodically while I'm away, just not as frequently as usual.

Travis Desell on Monday, February 20th
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[all] Interview with Team Gridcoin

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of chatting with some people from Team Gridcoin, who recorded the session. If you'd like to check it out, here it is!

Looking forward to the next one! I'll try and inform everyone when I'll be joining next if anyone else would like to take part.

Travis Desell on Tuesday, March 7th
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[subset_sum] SubsetSum@Home retirement

So some news on the SubsetSum@Home front. Professor Tom O'Neil, the theorist behind this project is retiring this December, which leaves us without a specialist to analyze the results from the project. Because of this, and due to my time commitments on other research projects, we'll be retiring the project for the time being until we can find another theorist who would be interested in continuing this work.

In the meantime we'll be leaving the site up along with all the results we've currently generated for anyone who would like to use them.

Travis Desell on Wednesday, November 30th
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[subset_sum] status_update 4

The work generator kicked off overnight while I was sleeping (of course). More work should be flowing now that I've turned it back on.

Travis Desell on Sunday, June 19th
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[subset_sum] status update 3

I have a new work generator for subset sum up and running right now. I'm just watching it manually (so it won't be showing up on the status page until I'm comfortable with it running in the background full time).

The new work generator will be generating 500 WUs at a time when the number of available workunits dips below 1000. This will definitely fix the slow feeding issue we were having the last day, and I think it will also make wingmen workunits get sent out a lot quicker. I apologize, this should have been done sooner!

I'll keep you posted as things progress, and please let me know if you're having any other issues.

Travis Desell on Friday, June 17th
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[subset_sum] status update 2

I've removed a number of workunits and the feeder is now blazing along extra fast. Work should be flowing significantly better.

Now that work is flowing, I'll be working on updating the work generator for SubsetSum@Home to make sure it keeps a minimal (<10k) number of workunits available, but auto generates them as needed to prevent this from happening again. Hoping to have the updates in tonight.

Thanks for your patience in dealing with all this, especially during the midst of a pentathalon!

Travis Desell on Thursday, June 16th
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[subset_sum] status update

It looks like the extra RAM didn't fix the issue. Right now I'm going in to remove some of the workunits which haven't had results sent out yet. This should speed up the feeder. I'll leave enough WUs/results available to keep work flowing while I code up changes to the work generator to make sure this situation doesn't happen again.

I'll keep you all posted as things progress. I hope to have the issue resolved sometime tonight (I'll stay up till it's fixed!).

Travis Desell on Thursday, June 16th
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[subset_sum] update to feeder

I've made one other change which might help work flow out faster while we wait on the RAM upgrades. I've changed the feeder sleep interval to 1 second from 5 seconds, which should mean it will be putting out workunits faster (assuming the database can keep up).

Travis Desell on Thursday, June 16th
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[subset_sum] feeder issues?

Hi Everyone -- I'm getting reports of issues with the feeder. Is anyone able to get workunits? I'm wondering if the server is just getting hammered too hard and can't get work out quick enough...

Travis Desell on Sunday, October 30th
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