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Hi there, I am a chemist and I live in Stuttgart. Professionally I am working as a technical supervisor. Since 2005, I expect at various BOINC...

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[wildlife] status update

So I've found a bit of a bug in the application where it's not training the neural networks quite right. I'm letting the current batch of WUs clear out of the system. I'm hoping to have a fix soon and once I do I'll release a new set of apps and more workunits.

Travis Desell on Wednesday, January 18th
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[wildlife] image credit now being exported to badges.xml

Image credit is now being exported to as <image_credit>. This should allow signature generators, etc to use the correct image_credit images.

Interface enhancements to the image interface are still being tweaked, but I'm hopeful all will be implemented by the weekend and ready for testing.


Marshall Mattingly on Monday, January 9th
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[wildlife] credit and fpops update

Looks like my estimates for fpops (and credit) were quite a bit low. I've increased them by a factor of 6, which I think should be more in line with what we should be awarding, with a little added bonus for putting up with the new app while it's in alpha testing.

Let me know how this works out. All new workunits should be awarded the new amount of credit and have the new FPOPS estimate.

Travis Desell on Wednesday, January 11th
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[wildlife] testing exact assimilator

So far results coming in for the v0.11 app look really good. Not seeing any conflicts as of yet, which is good news!

I've also fired up the assimilator and am watching it manually. It should be automatically generating new workunits as work starts flowing in. Let me know if you have any problesm!

Travis Desell on Saturday, January 7th
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[wildlife] v0.11 apps

I've updated the applications to version 0.11. I believe I've fixed all inconsistencies so checkpointing and validation should really be working correctly now. It took me a bit of time as I had to write a few things by hand involving random number generation that weren't working across operating systems and then double (or triple check) that everything was running the same everyone.

On my Windows, Linux and OS X systems I'm getting the same results, so I hope this should fix those issues so I can get back to updating the assimilator and getting a steady flow of work going!

Let me know if you're having any issues.

Travis Desell on Sunday, January 15th
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